Navigating DM codebases (like tgstation)

Since this project aims to reimplement the DM codebases in Unity, it is very useful to know how to navigate through the DM codebases so you can look up important details like specific configuration values or logic.

Here's how to set things up so you can easily navigate a DM project, using tgstation as an example:

  1. Get VSCode
  2. Launch VSCode and go to the extensions menu, find the "BYOND DM Language Support", "EditorConfig for VS Code", and "DreamMaker Language Client" extensions.
  3. Clone or download the DM codebase you want to examine (cloning is recommended so you can pull if there's any updates). For example, for tg, assuming you have git installed, you can call git clone
  4. Open the tgstation folder as a workspace in VScode.
  5. Now you can easily open DM files by name using the "Go To File" command or search for terms related to the feature you want to investigate using the search function


Just go to /tg/station's GitHub repo and enter whatever you're looking for in the search field. Make sure to search "In this repository"