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The narrative

The basic purpose of Outpost station:

The Outpost Station Crew is an expedition team sent to explore unknown solar systems. Their main purpose is to scout for plasma resources on nearby solar bodies. A list of suspected asteriod locations are sent from CENTCOMM to the station when the crew arrives.

Initial state of the station:

The NanoTrasen Outpost Station lies dormant in the solar system until the Station Crew arrives. While it is dormant the power network is set to sleep mode and a small amount of plasma is left on the station for power generation. First step of the Station Crew is to activate power. Engineering will have to work with Cargo and Mining to keep the power network operational throughout the mission.

The Mission:

The station crew will receive CENTCOMM mission directives printed via each command console on round start. The directives will outline the intended goals for the Outpost Expedition team to complete.