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Antagonist roles

Traitor Roles:

Overview: * Traitor roles will only be assigned randomly once population count is above 5 players * Traitor roles can be assigned to players that join halfway through a round * There will be a 50% chance that a traitor role will be assigned for a game round if population is over 5. * Max of 2 traitor roles can be assigned

Traitor Missions:

Random Mission Objectives 1: * Kill a target [Crew member] * Escape on shuttle alive

Random Mission Objectives 2: * Prevent station from completing plasma order for CENTCOMM * Escape on shuttle alive

Nuke Ops:

Overview: * If station population is over 6 players then NukeOps have a chance of spawning * Nuke ops game mode will be fairly uncommon. 25% chance of happening with a population over 6. * When a NukeOps game mode is determind by the GameManager then the syndicate shuttle will be spawned at a random position away from the station. This can happen at the start of a round or half way through. * On the Syndicate shuttle console a mission statement will be printed listing out the suspected coordinates of the Outpost station. * A nuke will be placed on the shuttle and the NukeOps team will need to place the bomb onboard the station once they find it. * The NukeOps team will need to locate the nuke disk on the station to use along with the pin number to arm the bomb once it is secured to the floor onboard. * The NukeOps team will have 20 seconds to escape the station before detonation.

Nuke Ops Mission: * Detonate Nuke onboard Outpost Station * Escape Alive